Privacy Statement

WeDoTransformations is responsible for the processing of personal data of participants (challengers or coaches). WeDoTransformations collects, compiles, stores, stores, consults, uses, shares, exchanges, transmits, transfers, circulates and processes personal data, before, during and/or after the contractual relationship, for the purposes listed in the Company's personal data processing policy and, in particular, the following:

  1. Processing and rectification of information necessary for the turn of the WeDoTransformations challenge, as well as the offering of WeDoTransformations goods and services.
  2. Updating or correcting information during the execution of the challenges.
  3. Offering, conclusion and execution of future agreements related to the object of WeDoTransformations
  4. Control and prevention of fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism.
  5. Analysis of survey data and its results, marketing and sales management programs and strategies with or without statistical, investigative, commercial or actuarial purposes.
  6. Characterization of stakeholders and implementation of strategies for improvement in the provision of services and products.
  7. Treatment and response to requests, complaints, claims, complaints, suggestions and/or compliments submitted to WeDoTransformations.
  8. Compliance with industry regulations, or in countries where the Company has subsidiaries or commercial or strategic allies.
  9. Sending notifications, notices and advertising about the services and products offered.
  10. Sending information on education or training related to commercial and/or contractual contracts acquired with or through the Company, or with any subsidiary or strategic ally.
  11. Handling of payments and accounting controls.
  12. International transfer and/or transmission of data to the parent company or countries where the Company has subsidiaries or strategic or commercial allies and by virtue of the fulfillment of its contractual and/or commercial obligations with them for informative, statistical, auditable purposes or that due to the normal course of business its transfer and/or transmission is indispensable.
  13. Any others that may be required for the normal and correct operation of the corporate purpose of the company and its procedures.

The rights you have as a holder of personal data are:

  1. To know, update and rectify your Personal Data against the Data Controllers or Data Processors. This right may be exercised, among others against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned, misleading data, or those whose processing is expressly prohibited or has not been authorized.
  2. Request proof of the Authorization granted to the Data Controller, except when expressly exempted as a requirement for the Processing (cases in which the Authorization is not necessary).
  3. To be informed by the Data Controller or the Data Processor, upon request, regarding the use that has been made of their Personal Information.
  4. To file before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce complaints for violations of the provisions of this law and other rules that modify, add or complement it.
  5. To revoke the Authorization and/or request the deletion of the Personal Data when the Processing does not respect the constitutional and legal principles, rights and guarantees.
  6. Access free of charge to their Personal Data that have been subject to Processing.

Whenever WeDoTransformations requests, collects or treats sensitive data of the owners, we inform you that the response to questions concerning this type of data is optional.

The Company's Personal Data Processing Policy can be consulted here

WeDoTransformations, will ensure compliance with the Personal Data Processing Policy and will process the requests of the owners.

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